The historic growth to the most demanding brand
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The historic growth to the most demanding brand

September 09, 2016
Category : Need to know the story behind Impex

2016 marked a new beginning for the company into the Large Appliance market with the introduction of its Flagship product – the LED TV. The Brand now have a full range of HD LED TV’s in 24/32 & 39 category and FHD LED TV models in 43 and 50 inch category . During this year’s pre -Independence day Celebrations , For the First time in India the company has launched a 32 HD LED TV with FULL 3 YEARS WARRANTY at an amazing prize of INR 13990. This has created a Real Wave in the market for Reasonable priced and Value for money HD LED Television sets and have created a trend in consumers switching into brands with Regional Acceptance and Customer Service Perfection along with an Extended Warranty Assurance.

IMPEX has also launched Innovative Trolley Speaker systems which are proven Mass communication and Entertainment devices internationally. This product has optional power modes and can work on battery too for upto 5 hours . Cordless Mike, Wireless connectivity, Radio, USB / Multimedia card Audio support, Guitar Out Jack and an easily movable Trolley design makes this product the best use at Small gatherings, School / College / Club meetings , Dance / Music practice, Outdoor Film production units ,Outdoor rhythm exercises and lot more .
Also this year witnessed the launch of Infra red Cook top , which is again an Innovatively designed Coil heating based Cooking device which is topped up by Glass surface . Ideal for homes, Hostels , Offices, Labs etc this product comes with a SS outer frame and a Soft Single knob Operation and LED display . The main attraction of the product is that it’s compatible with any cooking vessel / pot including the clay pot! The market has accepted the product and its getting popular these days .

Also among the newly launched products are 2.0 Stage Speakers, 2.1 Channel – detachable Music bar with Sub-woofer, Portable Blue tooth speaker, VR 3D Glass, HD DVD , Die Cast Aluminum Grill Pans , Weigh Scales , Tower fans & Heavy Iron Box- 2 models. The products are generally classified into Home Entertainment , Kitchen Appliances, Household Appliances and Personal Appliances .

Among the much appreciated and demanded other products from IMPEX which are driving market shares are it’s range of 5.1 channel Speakers, 2.0 Channel Tower Speakers, Electric Chimneys, Cooking Hobs, SS Gas stoves, Pressure Cookers, Ceramic Cookware, Non Stick Cookware, Enamel Cookware, PP Kitchenware, Steel Flasks, Electric Kettles ,Electric Roti maker, Mixer Grinders, Induction Cooktops, DC and AC operated Fans, LED Torches, LED Emergency lamps, Iron boxes , Cleaning Mops, Electric Hot water bag, Hair trimmer, Hair Dryer & Hair Straightener. The product groups shows how close this brand would be Important to a Home to make it smarter.
Karnataka Operations for IMPEX started this year with an Office and Service Centre near Koramangala supported by Sales team and Service Engineers and TN is supported by distributor network. As we take a leap ahead, we look forward to expand our sales and service operations to Rest of India. Kindly refer to our company website for further details
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