Energy efficiency: A smart way to save your money!

Energy efficiency: A smart way to save your money!

April 07, 2018
Category : Tips

Wondering why your power bills are going high? It has to do with the appliances you use and how much you use them. Electronic revolution is drumming our life drastically. Even though these devices are intended to save time and make people more efficient, their use in daily life accounts for more than 50% of our energy usage at homes. Our dependence on electronic appliances is increasing day by day and this results in a massive rise in the energy prices. Here comes the serious issue of choosing and understanding more about the energy-efficient appliances accessible.

Now, what do you think is this energy efficiency?

Guess what, every time you flick on a light switch, you’re using energy to light the room. But a change from using an incandescent light bulb to a more competent fluorescent bulb produces the same amount of light using less energy in this process. Even though this term is quite clunky, in a nutshell energy efficiency refers to the usage of less energy to provide the same level of energy.

National standards set for energy efficiency helps to improve the environmental performance of appliances. Impex understands this and ensures that all our products are met with the pertinent standards required from time to time.

Right appliance and its right use can make a big difference!

When a buyer buys a home appliance, he usually looks more at the price and then at the energy label. If you are planning to replace your existing electronic appliance, make sure that you buy an energy efficient appliance that’s right for your requirements. While considering the purchase price and the product features, do not forget to take into consideration the aspect of energy use.

Energy rating labels! What are they?

These are the labels which provide info about the energy consumption of that appliance. An initiative of the Ministry of Power, BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency), who is responsible for the regularization of these labels. It’s the government’s way to standardize energy consumption levels and help consumers make an informed decision.

Star rating is a kind of quick assessment of the model’s energy efficiency. More stars, the more efficient will be the appliance when compared with other appliances. Impex makes sure that all our products fulfill the set standards and help our customers to standardize their energy consumption levels.

Understand the label and choose wisely

Consumers think about the cost of the item yet neglect to measure the cost of utilization. Large appliances are utilized every day for quite a long time and this label enables you to figure energy utilization of household appliances. It is difficult to miss these labels and many people flaunt these labels for quite a long time after the purchasing choice is made. We should comprehend the data depicted by these energy labels.

Label sizes and missing labels

Energy labels are made mandatory for most of the appliances by BEE and voluntary for other appliances. These labels vary according to the size of the product. Air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, etc. will sport a large energy label whereas fans, tube lights, etc. will sport a relatively smaller label. If the product has no BEE energy labels you can always opt for the one having that label.

Why is energy efficiency important?

1) Energy efficient products saves money

2) Enhances the quality of life

3) Saves environment

4) Improves the Economy

Conserving energy is the need of the hour. Improvements in energy efficiency particularly focus on available technology making such improvements with some well-known and proven technology options. Never leave your appliances on standby unnecessarily as it will lead to wastage of energy and your money. Standby power is a key source of hidden energy costs that could amount to 10% of your electricity bill.

Lack of information is a huge barrier to energy efficiency improvements in different situations.

We all know that an increase in the age of any appliance results into more frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. Instead of trying to extend inefficient old appliances and giving them a few years more lifespan, it’s good to explore new technology. Impex high-end appliances are designed in such a way that they use less energy.

Well when we are talking about energy efficiency, we do not mean turning off the lights, but its quite natural that when we are not using our electronic appliances we must turn them off. Energy efficiency does not ever mean that you must use your appliances less…. rather start using them in a smarter way!