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Welcome to Impex

Furious coherence with up-healing trends, we radically transform your top notch to whoever dreamt of having the brilliance in appliance. Now you get pretty close to household appliances with the integrity of dominant tech, and we crop out as unique icon. We enable intelligent service with single most comprehensive portal on products and unmatched breadth of inputs coverage across a variant array of equipment. We let you touch peak of satisfaction through putting less effort into becoming the de facto platform for your entire house. Our approach tailored to specific consumer’s needs and our hub endures legacy, loyalty. That we are looking forward quick fix, anticipate buyer needs and take care of them. We would like to embrace each ecosystems and make most of our ecosystem work with our products. The best appliance store, Impex lets you synchronize with whole harmony with our touch alter evolution by revolution.

Corporate Philosophy

As a corporate house, we want to demystify innovation and make it a tool to simplify life. We will strive to be the No.1 company in the fields of Electronics, Electricals and Appliances by upholding ethics and other finest principles.We believe in sustainable growth and try to introduce even more energy-efficient,eco-friendly products.


To be a globally reputable company with an Indian origin in the electronics, electrical and appliances segments.


We are committed to helping our customers live a fulfilling life with a fine range of products that encapsulates innovation, offers true value for money and makes their life easier than ever before. We will achieve our vision with impeccable quality, competitive pricing and flawless after-sales service. We will strive to bring the benefits of innovation to our customers’ daily lives.

Chronicle of Growth

Chronicle of Growth