Beat The Scorching Heat With Impex Inverter Air Conditioner

Beat The Scorching Heat With Impex Inverter Air Conditioner

March 19, 2018
Category : Need to know the story behind Impex

As the month of March approaches, are you getting a little hot under the collar?

Summer has arrived with the drive to seek solutions to cool down and gone are the days when you beat the summer heat with the cool breeze of the shade trees! Especially for those who live in cities and midst the tower-tall buildings, the scanty urban sprawl shade from houses may not be enough. Air conditioners are surely the best way of beating the hot summer heat. Under extreme conditions, air conditioning can be helpful in making the hot summer days bearable and also improve the air quality flowing indoor. Choosing the right model for Air Conditioner would be a herculean task especially when there is a multitude of options available in the market in terms of specifications and technological innovations.

But why would you settle for just a ‘GOOD’ one, when IMPEX gives you undoubtedly the ‘BEST’ option in the market! Impex Inverter Air Conditioner is definitely going to be the right choice for you to combat the sweat and scorch!

Wondering what makes Impex Air Conditioner stand out from the mainstream options?


Impex brings to you the latest and the most efficient technology that is available in the market today, the Dual Inverter Technology for air conditioners, which makes Impex Inverter Air Conditioners the most efficient ones. Aria, Chillo, Fogy and Windy are the four different models from Impex available in attractive prices and comes with features like Internal grooved copper pipe, Long lasting compressor, Precision decimal cooling, Smart inverter compressor, Rotary compressor (Gmcc), Titan gold fin Evaporator (for eliminating the moisture and anti-corrosive), Evaporator – Self-cleaning – 30% more efficiency in cooling and Turbo mode.

Unlike the regular ACs, an Inverter AC adapts its pace depending on the temperature/heat load in the room. They have shifting speed motors that adjust their speed according to the requirement. Hence, Inverter AC’s are at least 30% – 50% cheaper to run when compared to normal Air Conditioners as it consumes less electricity and results in no voltage peaks from the compressor. It uses a variable speed compressor to save energy and works far quicker to achieve the desired temperature.  Let’s dive in and see just how efficient Impex Air Conditioner can get! Here are the noted benefits:

# Instant & Faster Cooling

Impex Inverter Air Conditioner lets you enjoy instant cooling through the Rapid Cooling Technology, with provisions of 50% more energy and 40% more effectiveness. This, in turn, results in 50% savings and 40% more cooling. With a variable speed of cooling, the performance and potential of the compressor are faster and more powerful allowing the air conditioner to cool faster than the conventional ones, thereby providing faster comfort.

# Maximised Comfort Level & Low Noise

As the compressor motor of the Inverter Air Conditioner does not turn on and off all the time but keeps working at low power, the operation is quieter (extra low noise technology), therefore maximising comfort level.

# Reduced Operating Costs

Impex Inverter Air Conditioner equipped with a dual inverter has 2 rooters inside of compressor that adds to its functional efficiency and better cooling through low power consumption, which in turn provides reduced operating costs making it the most economical air conditioning.

# Maintain Longer Life of AC

When the desired temperature level is achieved, inverter ac doesn’t turn off the compressor. It reduces the frequency of the input to the compressor and reduces the speed of the compressor to maintain the desired coolant flow rate that constantly regulates the set room temperature. The technology of the inverter not only makes cooling and heating more efficient, but it also makes the Air Conditioner’s life longer.

Moreover, it also provides 30% Less Maintenance as Impex gives you 3 years full warranty period with effective AC gas refill service! Here you have the ultimate in temperature control, quality air and cost-savings.

# 100% Copper

Impex Inverter Air Conditioners are equipped with 100% pure copper that aid and enhance the functionality of the air conditioners. The biggest advantage of the use of this metal is that it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. So, Air-Conditioner with copper conductors is the best!


Apart from the technological advancements, we also believe in nourishing an eco-friendly world, which makes us go a step further to ensure energy efficiency with our inverter technology. Impex Air Conditioners ensure lower running costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions, providing a perfect synergy of comfort and eco-friendliness as they come with 410A refringent equipped models and more star-rating labels promoting an eco-friendly functioning.

Through more than a decade that the company has been in function, Impex has proliferated its budding visions and expanded its services to different product categories and innovations to become one among the leading organizations in Home Appliances in India & the Middle East markets. With a huge advancement in appliance technology, the company aims at bringing cost-effectiveness and profitability to its customers, by delivering ideas that cater to their basic needs.

Impex is leading the charge when it comes to innovation and energy efficiency, as we embrace innovation in all our manufacturing processes and technologies to deliver appliances that meet the actual needs of users, and those that come with minimally-invasive installation and aesthetic units that suits your interiors, thereby keeping you in perfect comfort throughout summer.